Wednesday, December 15, 2010

turn off that goddamned racket!

So, it’s the end of the year and a few people have been asking me to compile my ‘best records’ of the year. What they don’t seem to realize is that I don’t really listen to that much new music, and up until recently, I didn’t listen to music at all. This is actually strangely true.

I talk to my friend and bandmember Chris about this every once in a while. When you’re on the road more than you’re home, as we were, you’re exposed to lots of live music. If you figure you’re out on the road 200 days out of the year, even if there’s only three bands playing every night, including you, that’s still four hundred live sets a year that you’re sitting through just by virtue of being at your job. Now, I’m not complaining about that. Far from it. Being on the road and seeing awesome live bands is a great time, BUT it makes for some very specific needs and wants when you finally get off the road. First and foremost on the list of needs and wants? Quiet.

My wife used to be so confused about the fact that I hated having music playing in our house and that I never wanted to go see bands play when I wasn’t on tour, and it’s hard to explain. I love music. I really, truly do, but there’s only so much you can take, and once anything becomes your job, there’s a coloring of it that you can’t get away from. No matter how great your dream career is, you’re gonna have bad days at work. I don’t care if you’re a porn star or the starting center for the Spurs or a DJ or a travel journalist or a proctologist. Once your livelihood is tied up in something, there’s a yoke there that you can’t just cast off and it makes for a tension that wouldn’t be there if you were just indulging a hobby.

Does this sound like I’m being a snotty or ungrateful prick? I don’t think I am. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better job than seeing the world and playing music to people who want to hear it. It’s the best. But sometimes you’re sick, or you’re depressed or you’re feeling lazy, some days you just don’t want to do your job, just in the same way that everyone sometimes doesn’t want to do their jobs, and that creates this tension that’s easily relieved, for me, by silence. (picking up on this point, a bad day on the porn set has to be the worst. You’re sick or exhausted or just pissed at your sister or something and you’ve gotta sit there and pretend that you like having a gigantic wang transferred back and forth from your mouth to your asshole. No thanks. [this is actually more relevant to today’s topic than it may initially seem, because I bet {and of course, everyone’s different, and I could totally be wrong} pornstars don’t do a lot of double anal and gagging blowjobs when they’re just out fucking dudes at the club or home with their boyfriends…much like I don’t listen to music on the three days between tours]).

Well, it’s been a few years since I toured heavily and I’ve been able to start listening to music again. This year, I’ve listened to lots of good stuff and I’m gonna see if I can’t tell you a few of the jams that have really gotten me through the year. Lots of them are older things that I either just discovered or that I used to listen to, but haven’t in a while due to my ban on listening to music. Some of these are pretty new to me and others are a couple of my favorite staple songs of all time. Here goes.

DLZ-Tv on the Radio
Wild Hunt-Tallest Man on Earth
Rags and Bones-Nomeansno
Low Light Low Life-POS (even though I wish someone would have produced that chick’s verse a little differently. She kind of gets soft and warbly at the end of each line and I think it’s really detrimental to her flow [could I sound any whiter?]. In short, she’s got a good verse, and she can rap, but her execution, particularly at the ends of her lines, is going for something that I don’t think she pulls off. That said, awesome song. And what the fuck do I know?)
Harlem River Blues- Justin Townes Earle
Reason in My Rhyme- Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves
Bamboo Bones-Against Me!
Lost in Campaigns-Cobra Skulls
The Silver Tongued Devil and I- Kris Kristofferson
Steve Smith, Coal Miner Jr.- Sidekicks
Only the Good Die Young- Billy Joel
Skid Row-Broadway cast of Little Shop of Horrors (one of the best songs ever, if you can get past the cheese)
Sorrow-Bad Religion
I was Stabbed By Satan-K’naan
Watership-Trust Foundation
Saints- Honor System
The Calming Collection-Flatliners
No Control-Bad Religion
Clear the Air-OWTH
In the Flicker- Sundowner
Cruel World-Dead To Me
Fat Cats Bigga Fish- The Coup
Holy Diver- Dio
Get out of My Way-Rancid
I Just Want You to Know- OWTH
Die While We’re Young-A Willhelm Scream

Man, see…almost none of this shit is from this year. It’s mostly stuff I listened to a long time ago or missed out on. I like all these songs a whole bunch though, so there’s a little something for you to do if you get bored. Go illegally download these songs. Except the Billy Joel one…that dude needs money for booze.
Okay, I’m gonna go eat. Of course, I’ll be doing my annual “It’s the End of the Year as We Know It” entries later on. This was just a little exercise to see if I could, in fact do a top ten from 2010. Turns out, the answer is ‘no chance’.


Oh, and I’m playing acoustic in Ft. Collins Co on the 21st of December at the Surfside 7 and in Denver at 3 kings on the 23rd of December. Various incarnations of the Swayback and Elway (passing days-that’s gonna be y’alls jam next year. You heard it here first, turds) will be playing too. Come buy me a beer. I only get one free pitcher in Ft Collins. Who can live like that?


Anonymous said...

"Get Outta My Way" is actually by a Berkeley ska band called the Uptones. That being said, the Rancid version is better.

Hamilton Martin said...


solarsonar said...

I hear Holy Diver every weekend at work and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! 'Cruel World' is fucking perfect though.

dustyfloors said...

You totally brought "Single File" back into my regular rotation of albums after I heard it twice at Punk Rock Tuesday (RIP) at Risque Cafe...
I have listened to that whole album front to back at least once a week since. Cheers!

peter said...

i've listened to die while we're young roughly a bazillion times in the last few months. such an amazing song

Andrew said...

Cruel World is still my favorite song from 09

FranklinStein said...


do you have a DeLorean equipped with a Flux Capacitor or something???

Robb said...

Cruel World seems like a doofuss

Sean said...

woooo Flatlinersssss!

Was it you who kinda make fun of some lyrics to blasphemy a while back? I remember whatever you (maybe?) said being absolutely hilarious...

Drew said...

Beex, if you play turnstiles (either your's or HWM's)acoustic, I will certainly by you a pitcher in Foco.

That's a promise sir.

Old-Time Radio said...

Going to see the Flatliners tomorrow. On a related note tomorrow is my last college exam. Only to start my university career in January. My favourite release of 2010 was People Worry About Everything by Lowtalker. I just kept going back to it.

TheMEATBOSS said...

You should check out some Dio stuff when he was in the band Elf haha. May he rest in pieces.

Owner Operator said...

IRON CHIC has released the album of the year. Free download on the link below. Get it now, thank me later!
Cutesy Monster Man could be the song of the decade.

also, chilling winstons ep is a close second for me. so raw. i just dig it. shitty name, shitty artwork, awesome songs. also free download

It's A-me, Martucci said...
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It's A-me, Martucci said...

Ol' timey - my favorite appropriation of an ol'-timey Americana black % white photo and/or movie still of 2010 goes to you, hands down. Why just look at lil' Shirley Sue in wide-eyed wonder as momma fiddles with that ol'-timey radio! "Shirley, your faaather snuck out to the gay bar again last night. What do you think of that??" Ahh, quiet domestic desperation. Scrrrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith, Coal Miner Jr. - Sidekicks

my favourite song off that album
but the whole album is sweet

i'm coming over from Australia next July to see them

Matt said...

You didn't even mention the new Menzingers record. Weren't you fizzing at the bung about that earlier in the year?

Sickie27 said...

Cruel World is actually the reason I like DTM. And I like that you like OWTH, it lets me know it's okay to hate life sometimes...

IndianaJordan said...

Im glad Little Shop of Horrors made the list.

It needs more recognition.

Mike Henry said...

You just blew my mind... yesterday a song by Trust Foundation (Old Man Maple) came on in a shuffle and I thought to myself, "This is a damn good song. Why don't I have anymore of their music?" After an exhaustive search I couldn't find anything on them. Can anyone point me in the direction of info on them?

Anonymous said...

DLZ !!!! i fucking love that song! i don't really like anything else they released, but i can't stop listening to that song. did you discover it because of breaking bad (the tv series)??? , good stuff...

sgonzales said...

"clear the air" is such an awesome song. No Menzingers on that list?

Nick said...

All my life I've always been poor.
I keep asking god what I'm for.
And he tells me "Gee, I'm not sure."

Brittany Strummer said...

OH SHIT SON I live in Colorado but I ain't 21. :(

Andrew said...

@FranklinStein and Robb


Moose said...

You got my friends and I into The Coup leaving The Boadways show in Buffalo. I think it was the Genocide and Juice tape you popped in. Good call on the OWTH. My two favorite songs off the new LP.

Jennifer said...

This is my favorite BSC entry ever, mainly because I too work in music yet ironically I never listen to music except when in my car. And I like that I am not the only person who loves "Bamboo Bones".

Daniel said...

Fuck yeah, The Honor System! I really wish Dan would make more music. Related: Someone help me stop wanting a The Broadways tattoo.

Also, holy triple-nested brackets, Brendman! Your constant breaking of barriers and shattering of society's preconceptions never ceases to amaze.