Thursday, August 4, 2011

happy friday? Oh fuck, it's thursday.

Weeesh, I am fucking exhausted. It’s been a constant thrill train over here between late nights at the studio, early mornings with my kids, Alkaline Trio shows and long, brutal days of trying to figure out how to do something that a 3 year old can enjoy that an exhausted man can also suffer through that doesn’t involve being in the disgusting heat.

I go back into the studio tonight where I think we may finish bass and keys and start vocals. I guess that means we’ll probably do the acoustic guitars too, which should be nice and fun since I put a new pickup in my guitar just a week ago. I’m stoked for the results.

I’m also playing a show tomorrow night at the Underground Lounge on Newport and Clark with the Copyrights. My brother will be there, so come for the music and stay for the perverse majesty that it Ryan Kelly.

So, like I was saying, I’m pretty tired and I don’t have too much to say right now, so uh…Bye?

If you guys are bored go check out the song “fear of China” by the old Chicago band Oblivion. It’s really great and it’s been in my head for some reason all morning though I haven’t heard it in probably a decade.

Eh, here are some companies that I think would benefit greatly by having me as a celebrity spokesperson. If you work for any of these companies, let’s rap.
Taco Johns
Louisville Slugger
All Bran
Frigo String Cheese
Miller High Life
Canadian Club
Redi Whip
Les Paul
Dogfart inc
Hungry Man

Oh, and if you’re a banker, I have a banking question. Please email me if you’re a person who works kind of high up in a bank. I need a wee bit of guidance. Thanks, yo!


Anonymous said...

Man, How great is Oblivion? Shoot Me a Waco, Split with Mandingo, Sweatpants USA. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just ask Devin for banking advice. He is great with money. One time in Cabo, he used his last $40 to get a pipe with a cobra on it and a henna tattoo of two people doing it doggystyle. Sound investments, both.

Buddy said...

Ya oblivion ruled. "Friday Night" "Actress" really great music

Jayzilla said...

1) how much cheese is too much cheese before a date?

2) i think you have the most potential with vivid -- follow your dreams

Snarkbox said...

Do banking regulatory agencies count?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brendan (*if that is indeed your name) -

My name is James and I have experience in Banking.

I also enjoy Smuckers.

So lets uh, wrap.

anxiously awaiting your contact,


Anonymous said...

by the way my email address is james at twoninenine dotcom -

like the birthday.

thanks -


(from the earlier response to the banking uh, guidance)

HFQQ said...

I found "Stop Thief" on vinyl in NYC last year. I have to admit, despite the hilarious album cover, I would've missed out on a really cool album without your guidance, Brendan. Which is the best album? I know you posted about it a long time ago, but I can't find the post.

Robb said...

If there's any truth to this tom hardy-shia lepoof rivalry/incident then, well, that's mighty funny I guess

Bridgett said...

Did you know your good friend Mr. Jeg claims to have never been to a Chili's before? At least that's what he told me.

I work for Nissan and that guy that sounds like a a lion. I don't think you want to be a spokesdude for him. But you are more than welcome to hang out in the dealership. This place is hot as balls and boring.