Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tonight at the Risque Cafe (clark and Sheffield) is PUNK ROCK tuesday!! We're doing power hour nine to ten and then guest DJ and Red Scare CzarToby Jeg will play all the greatest shits of Red Scare bands past and present, as well as some classic jams by bands on real, honest labels. PLUS 3 buck drafts all night and AND!!!! If you bring in ten people, YOU drink for free all night. How's that for plutocracy, eh? See you tonight!

So, everyone's pissed that they're building a mosque at ground zero, huh? Well um...that's kind of a strange way to put it since the proposed site is two blocks away and the structure in question is a community center that's open to everyone that has a mosque in it, among various other things. SO, that essentially would be the same as calling OKC airport a church because it has a chapel inside and then complaining because it was at the Oklahoma City ground zero (the scar of an act perpetrated by a devoutly twisted christian), despite the fact that A) It's not a church, B) it's not at ground zero and C) Buying private property and putting up a community center is not illegal and the idea that because some assholes perverted the name of a religion and killed a whole bunch of people that other people who practice the religion peacefully should be denied rights and/or treated with suspicion is so entirely fundamentally opposed to the ideas that this country was founded on (much more so than the ideas of public option healthcare or shrinking our global military presence, by the way) that it IS fundamentally anti American and borders on treasonous.

Okay, you know what? I'd love to go on like this and continue to be outraged but I've got one kid up my ass because the dinosaurs are no longer on tv and the other one just won't stop moaning and twitching and just take the fucking nap she so sorely needs. They're nickel and diming my time here, people. Every sentence I've typed so far has been punctuated with trips to the living room or trips to the diaper table or trips to just pick this little beastlet up and jiggle her around a little. This shit's hard. Hold on. Be right back.

Hi. Back. Jesus. Know what's messy? My house. It's also loud and full of stupid kids music coming from the TV right now (anyone out there watch Jack's Big Music Show? it's okay as far as kids shit goes). Okay things seem to be calming down. Where was I?

Oh yeah...the 'mosque' at 'ground zero'. You know what? I'd wager that there are more than a few people that practice Islam right there in that immediate zone (and I'm not just talking about all the other mosques that are already located around the site. I'm referring to businessmen, food vendors, cops and public servants who work right there around ground zero and must, at some point pray to the east just right in their office or on the sidewalk or whatever, as that's a big part of the daily ritual of Islam). Should they no longer be allowed to do that in that neighborhood because the idea of them expressing their faith so close to where a bunch of people died could make the bereaved families uncomfortable? Because there's really no difference. In a country founded on the idea of religious freedom and free market capitalism, the notion that a private group with money can't buy a private building, open it to the public, and put a structure in it that assists their daily worship routine, um...there's no argument there. It's fucked. It's MORE fucked than the idea of a real mosque really at Ground Zero, which let's be honest, is pretty insensitive, if for no other reason than because there's been lots of talk of building a memorial there and to simply up and build something that's in no way a memorial and definitely controversial is gonna piss people off for sure.

I don't know. The idea that this is even an issue is crazy. I know that this topic is beaten to death at this point from both sides and I'm not nearly the most articulate person to address it and especially with the piecemeal way that I'm putting this down (thank you very much, needy offspring!) I'm probably not bringing anything at all new to the table, but I do want to register my disgust at the way that this bullshit is being spread around and voice my support for the freedoms provided by our constitution that are specifically defends our citizens against having to deal with shit like this. That's all.

Oh, and you like my computer? It's provided for me by you guys! It's great! It was easy to set up and it provides excellent pornography, though it did come with a couple of cd's and no disk drive, which I think is kind of hilarious. I dunno, maybe there is one, but I can't find it. Anyway, thanks again to everyone who chipped in. I'm here, back on the trolley and I'm gonna maintain through these various needs of these various monsters (the little one just farted so loudly that it startled me from across the room, by the way. She's 12 pounds.)
Oh, there she goes. She's furious again. Gotta run.
See you tonight!


Scott said...
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Scott said...

there is really nothing as funny as a really loud fart. If only she was old enough to make the "squeezing it out 'cuz I know it's gonna be great" face

how great was that show on Saturday? Amazing!

dustyfloors said...

Word verification - orkmeter

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Toby here. I'm the "Czar" in question. And there are a LOT of questions, lemme tell you.

Anyhow, I am under orders to clarify that I will NOT be DJing this week at the Cafe, but NEXT week. I know, my absence is REALLY fucking with your plans, huh? I'm taking the train up to Milwaukee to see Swingin' Utters and Menzingers tonight.

BUT, we will be partying hearty next Tuesday and I'll be playing the new Brokedowns record and a buncha other great, great shit.


Jon said...

Czars aren't supposed to survey their subjects, they should be paying others to do so. You sir, are no czar.

Sean said...

wait, Toby, are you gunna see em at Reggies as well next week?

Some friends and I are driving up from Champaign to do so, it's gunna be iller than a koopa killa fluid spilla, manager frigid, call me Lou Penilla, super chilla.

uhh...justin said...

Hey, i went back and looked at one post you had where u mentioned 'Spark' drink. Weeeellll good news. Check out the drink '4 loko' its energy and a mish mosh of alcohol. So ill give u the basics of why its great.

1. Its less than $3 a can
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6. It comes in like 20 flavors
7. It tastes pretty good
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9. Makes you aggresive

dustyfloors said...

No Toby?
Well, I was gonna smash my piggy bank for some $2 Busch Lights but I think I'm going to have to put that on hold until next Tuesday. Sorry Bren, no offense.

kylewagoner said...

I feel like an awful person for not posting in so long. I'm starting college and all of this and that shit and trying to keep up with your posting schedule, too...so it's just kinda fucked right now. I totally agree with the mosques thing, though...like when I first heard about it, I really thought they were building a MOSQUE at GROUND ZERO and was like...yeah, I can see where that'd be taken badly, but...what you said. Kisses.


kennyg said...

I think this mosque business embodies how backwards America has always been. I mean, the pilgrims came from England to settle the New World with the ideas of religious freedom and equality, and look what happened. They started trying to convert the Native Americans, killing the ones who didn't submit, and then started shipping in slaves from Africa.
We like to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution we want to abide by.

ak said...

so after not being able to sleep I have decided to return to the bsc after a 6 month or so absence...how time flies. I'm having a weird vacation, as my friend who I am visiting is dealing with a major family issue, but alas not all is lost as I am going to see Big D and the Kids table tomorrow night in Belgium, and I've always wanted to see a punk show overseas. Yeah, the whole mosque thing is kind of fucked, but then again I was reading about VICE magazine tonight and when asked about their politics one of their founders stated "Money runs America; money runs everywhere." (Thanks wikipedia) With this concept in mind it kind of makes you think about the motives of media outlets that are trying to make a profit; even at the expense of making us stupid...anyways for anyone that likes or doesn't like skate boarding check out some Rodney Mullen videos. I haven't skated in over ten years, but it's great to see someone so sincerely care about something.

sheila said...


what college did you decide on?

Nick said...

Rodney Mullen is a bamf.

limited nobility said...

kenny,did you cultivate that paradigm bursting historical worldview through repeat listens of social distortion's live at the roxy album?"Don't drag me down motherfucker"!!!!....I do agree that "ben always has America backwards".fucking ben!

limited nobility said...


kennyg said...

Limited Nobility: I don't listen to Social Distortion, so AS USUAL, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

word verification: borked
Sounds dirty!

limited nobility said...

sorry,kenny I forgot mike ness is afflicted with that rare nerve condition which prevents him from playing the guitar with any "feeling".Choooose your ending................

Virtual Visor (Mesmerizer) said...

KennyG - I incepted both your inclination to rent Terrence Malick's awkwardly-paced 2005 commercial misfire 'The New World' on a whim last saturday, and your subsequent decision to use its heavily dramaticized and historically fallacious plotline as the template for a poorly-conceived encapsulation of U.S. imperialism and xenophobia, using a haphazardly crafted, poorly-monitored dreamscape environment. Your dubious grasp of historical timelines however, namely; mentioning the Constitution (1797) alongside “Pilgrim-y things” (early 17th century) is a total anomaly equal parts unanticipated and amusing.

Though your inability to “get” Dave Eggers books is the direct result of my Selective Obfuscation Module (5.2), your confessed confusion over Ltd Nobility’s posts is not. My internal sardonicism algorithms, however, yield that this “in no way reflects worse on you than him”.

Virtual Visor (Mesmerizer) said...
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Virtual Visor (Mesmerizer) said...

Kenny - That was merely a false statement evocative of warm fellowship (U.S. localization: just_kidding {smile_gesture216.7}) It was a meticulously crafted, carefully monitored dreamscape environment.

Julene Horowitz said...

Honestly, an overly articulate person addressing the subject truly is beating a dead horse.

A nice concise, "these people are being fucking retarded" covers the situation pretty well, in my mind.