Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh God, You Devil Part 4

Oh, and just so we're clear: I in no way oppose spirituality or belief in something greater or what have you. I'm angry at the way these manipulative institutions never get called on their shit. It's not "god" I'm mad at, or's his fucking ambassadors here on earth. So, yeah. Mass is ended. Go forth and prosper.


Keri said...

i'm glad you added this. because i believe in God and such but i'm pretty sure everything else organized religions "preach" or what have you is purely symbolic and people take it much too literally. so, i feel your pain. and just know that most of "us" (?) are pissed because the rest of "them" make "us" look "bad."

(i hate sarah palin)

ethan chase said...

hey brendan
so here's the thing. I believe that there is a god, but i don't agree with a lot of what the fucked up christians in this world have to say. I think protestant fucks twisted the bible and christianity to a point where it became what christianity is today. I believe that killing is wrong, even if you have a "justified reason". I believe that having sex before you're "married" is such a retarded rule. Did Jesus say what marriage is? I mean come on... if you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with a girl, through sickness and in health and whatever, then why do you have to sign legal documents and shit for god to be okay with you and your girl boning?
My girlfriend is a christian, and i love her very very much. I want to "marry" her. We have had sex, many times, and she definitely doesn't feel the need to stop. Her parents are insane. They control her life and shove jesus down her throat. She has severe anxiety and emotional issues clearly because her parents tell her that she isn't good enough 24/7. We've been together for a year and a half, and now her parents are making us break up, because i'm not helping her become a better christian. Now... how am i supposed to deal with this? My girlfriend doesn't know that i'm not down with a lot of the christian rules, and she's so brainwashed by her parents that she would be very upset if she found this out. I love her so much though, and she loves me back. We plan on secretly staying together... but i don't know how i'll be able to deal with her family if we want to someday get married. Should i break up with her?

Riverside Sam said...

If people were still believing in a fairy that gives them cash for teeth as adults, they would be locked up. Priests believe a dude in the sky give them redemption after child raping...

Sorry, I have a hard time respecting people that believe in the absurd.

Mark said...

I pretty much have to agree with you on all accounts. People who just spout all this divine bullshit about how it's necessary to convert all humankind and make sure that every sinner on the planet needs to be penalized just piss me the fuck off. It's not like they're saints either.

I go to church and all, and am considered to be a Christian. I find myself grappling with many Christian beliefs though. I've never met Jesus and seen him do miracles and shit like that, so how do I know he's God's son and you have to believe in that to go to heaven? Yeah, I know, this completely contradicts the biggest fundamental my religion teaches, but for me, it's more about living in the example Jesus set for us. Y'know, the whole thing about trying to be nice to everyone and shit like that. Am I following this example well? I like to think so, but I know that there are areas where I'm just a dick to others rather than loving them as my neighbor. I try though, and I'm hoping that it makes the world a better place.

Interestingly enough, the thing that really made me realize a lot of that stuff was "I Hear Things Are Just as Bad Down in Lake Erie" by your old band the Broadways. That line "If I had a wish, I'd do away with capitalist society/I'd make a world where smiles and love are worth more than money" really stuck with me, and made me come to the realization that if the God that Jesus talks about exists, he's probably happier with people who exemplify that behavior, rather than the hypocritical, elitist pricks who call themeselves true Christians. And, in the end, that song has done more to bring me closer to God than anything any Christian band has done.

Yeah, I know that's long, and I'm also well aware that the last part sounds like I'm fawning over you, but yeah, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Right on bro. Religion is cool, if you truly believe in it. Otherwise, its pretty dangerous.

I personally believe in a higher power, but I honestly don't worry about what happens when we die...or how we all got here for that matter. Sitting around arguing about it won't change the fact that we are here.


Andrew said...

wow. mark's comment scares me because I thought the exact same thing about the broadways' song. same line and everything. crazy.

artielovescupcakes said...

Hey Brendan I just wanted to know what you thought of this program on TLC with the family with 8 kids because it makes me so fucking angry its so embarrassing and it pisses me off because this husband and wife have 8 kids which is insane itself but what gets me is that they get every thing for free, now my question is why do these people that have like 20 kids get shit for free all the time I dont understand. New house, new car, lifetime supply of food it just boggles my mind. Plus the fact that the husband and wife in the show are completely boring. Fuck I hate it. Ok that was it I just wanted to see if you have seen it and what you would say about that topic. Oh and I live with my girlfriend who has a six yr old and he still wakes up crying in the night it never ends!!!

Max said...

dear brendan,

i'd like to hang on your posts like barnacles to a woolly mammoth. i'd like snuggle up inside your entries like a suppository.

are these the confessions of a starstruck mind? have you seen that movie, "fatal attraction?" oh - nevermind.


i have this friend, you see. he worked hard. hard for too little, for too long. he made some money and he squirreled it away. then he quit. now he's unemployed. he's got the cash to be unemployed for a good little while. he's happy unemployed. he feels free from the shackles that are the workaday status quo. what would you say he should do with this free time. he wants something that he can do with his hands. something that will give him satisfaction. something to see to its completion. jesus, he was a carpenter. what should i - he - do with all this time?

Sarah_D_37 said...

F yeah.... I concur