Tuesday, October 27, 2009

precious mammaries

What a fucking weekend, eh? I gotta tell you fuckers, that was one of the best times of my life. No shit. The whole show went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone who came out, particularly those of you who traveled insane distances to be there. I saw kids from Texas, California, Virginia (and it’s cousin banging sidekick, West Virginia), London, Norway, Australia, New Zeland, and fucking Michigan, man. That’s just insane. There are no words to express my gratitude to all you fucking weirdos.
Here are some of my highlights from the weekend:

Everything coming together without a hitch for the filming of the show. We got a full board mix and I think seven cameras. It was pretty great to watch something so potentially clusterfuckable run completely smoothly.

The Menzingers playing an amazing set and Sean Nader turning to me and saying “these guys are gonna be huge!” in utter amazement. There’s something so great about turning people you respect onto cool things. It’s like giving a gift you don’t have to buy. They were great. Amazing set for sure.

The crazy, crazy singalongs in Brick wall views and Ramblin Boys of Pleasure.

Dan Andriano’s version of First Eviction Notice.

Mike Park just making up lies on stage and laughing about it backstage.

Going into the Gingerman before the show and seeing it packed with stoked people from all over the world. (this was the number one best memory of the weekend).

That fucking amazing pumpkin that had the wizard on it. Holy shit. The dude that did that is a waiter. He should be running the country or something.

Joe Menzinger playing 106 south with us.

La Plebe just melting everyone’s faces off and then coming off stage and being absolutely the nicest most courteous and humble people I’ve ever met.

Sean Nader being stoked on how good his designs and poster design turned out.

Morning cocktails on Sunday and not working Sunday night.

Mike Park’s amazing version of Happy Birthday to the Lawrence Arms

I dunno…the whole thing was great. I couldn’t have had a better time. You people are awesome. Let’s do it again soon, eh? How about on the west coast? How about in 2 weeks! We’re going out to Arizona and California to bring this rock shit to the promised land. We were gonna go up to the northwest, but my brother decided to get married right then, and it became cost prohibitive to fly back and all that shit, so sorry. Man…
I’m a little depressed today. That was a lot to look forward to and prepare for and now that the high of having everything work out great has worn off, I feel a little hole inside where all this planning and excitement and worry had been. Eh. Whatever. Shit happens, right? Right.
Our record comes out today and while I know that most of you pirate fuckers have already gotten your greedy mitts on it, I’m stoked to have everyone see the whole thing. I don't know what's up with fat selling the colored vinyl. That wasn't supposed to happen. I think maybe it's different vinyl. Obviously a miscommunication or something, but sorry if you feel cheated. I swear, I was being honest and forthright when I announced that shit. Anyway...What else? Oh! Did you guys know that I play guitar and Chris plays Bass on the last song? It’s true. First time that shit’s happened since our very first practice where we thought that maybe I’d be the guitar player. That was before we wised up and recognized that Chris is a much, much better player than me, and that would be stupid. That’s also me singing that song. Yes. The whole song. Yes. Yes it is. Stop emailing me. I don’t know why it’s so impossible to believe. I sing like that for at least a little bit on EVERY SINGLE ALBUM SINCE THE SHADY VIEW TERRACE SPLIT. YES. YES I DO. Oh well, whatever. And for the record, yes. I’m aware that when I sing like that I sound nasal, warbly and out of tune. That’s the charm you dildos. Right? Eh…I don’t know any more.
Okay, gotta go. I got an interview to do then I have to go get my dogs’ ass glands expressed.
I’m a busy man.


Mikey said...

That completely sounds like you on the last song. Sounds great too. Is that just your natural singing voice? What do you do to get the great screamy sound? Or is that just natural too? Fuck you, you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

For real. I spent many a day arguing with people on punknews that Brendan, not Chris, sings the breakdown to "devil's takin names" intro to "recovering..." etc. I always thought I was above internet arguments. I, too, am a nerd it seems. Menzingers were so good on Saturday!

Jesus said...

Any idea when we might be seeing the DVD show or online merch?

Crustacea said...

Is it me or someone is actually saying something in the back in the song Demons at 0:15 ???

Josh said...

people on punknews

That was your first mistake.

Blake said...

I'm pretty sure all your dogs of war have already had their ass glands expressed by you. My has at least.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was 4 years ago! I've done a lot of growing up since.

Sean said...

That song is fucking ridiculous!

And the menzingers were amazing!

Not too many people were moving around... including my friend... and when i asked why he replied "they just bore me"... to which I drunkenly slapped him hard across the face.

Oh, and I came from MIAMI, FL for this shit... That's pretty fucking far, amiright?

dustyfloors said...

I would consider myself as a "pirate" of sorts, however, I myself have purchased the two available from Fat. I haven't heard anything of this and really can't remember the last time I was hearing a record was when I got it in the mail. I can't wait!

mad_adam said...

There are few moments in a person's life that you will remember every single detail of every single moment. Watching Toby sling your bass strap back on, proudly carrying the pumpkin, running into you at the Gingerman... I still want to buy you that beer BK. I was really happy to see how many people showed up that you knew were tried and true larry arms fans. That was my fifth show, the first I could legally drink at, and even though I saw a fight upstairs and at least 4 kids wearing gloves that looked like skeleton hands, I had the time of my life. Does anyone else still have Mike Park's song about apples stuck in their head?

Josh said...

My friends and I flew in from Ohio. we had this trip planned out prior but it fell apart, so we already had tickets, so friday rolls along any my one buddy says "fuck it, I'm going to fly" he asked me if i wanted to go we bought tickets first thing Saturday morning with our other friend we were hounding at the bar Friday night, flew out to Chicago, ate some Gino's pizza, and waited in line to be in the first 150. Had the time of our lives. flew home sunday morning. One of the best weekend of my life.

BTW AJ and Liam if your reading this I got your ep's and shirt's in a box waiting to go, I just got to go to the post office.

admp said...

My favorite parts of the weekend:

Toby reminding everyone in line that there was a bar 20 feet, to which we replied "There's a bar right here!"

The guy in line who kept singing the chorus from Bro Hymn going to the hospital (too drunk, I think)

Seeing people who I've been joking around with on the internet in real life and making the same dumb jokes

Ben Stizzy falling asleep on the floor of the bathroom in Aztec Oro

Smoking copious amounts of free weed right next to the front door of the Metro

Having a fucking awesome time at the Lincoln Park Zoo with all my Sock friends

No thanks:
Metro staff for being total dicks about me having a backpack for everyone's vinyls. If it weren't for some very nice people at coat check, I would've been fucked out of a show I waited five and a half hours for in the cold.

Time to plan the next Sock Hop. I was thinking drunken Disney Land adventure. They have medical weed out there, is what I heard.

~die~ said...

I can't wait for the show in Hollywood! Only two weeks! It's been two years since I've seen you assholes! Also stoked Fat released the colored vinyl!

Jerky said...

The greatest moments of MY weekend:

- Watching Jack Bauer killing someone with his bare teeth. Yes, we did a '24'-Marathon while the best thing in the history of ever happened.

- The rape shower afterwards.

But seriously, reading all this really bums me out. I just should have flewn over. I regret now not spending the money I need for survival for this show. BK, I know, people asking you to come to their city must be one of the most annoying things a musician gets to hear, but I can't help it: please come to europe again some time. I'm just scared that you'll get married and have kids and... wait, that's already happened. I mean, I'm scared that I'll never get to see you guys play again.

That last song you talk about is pure greatness. And I can't believe you sing about Sparks in the "Angels" one... haha, awesome.

Jacob William said...

This was far and away, one of the best weekends of my life!

Thank you so much, Brendan!

Banana@1000MPH said...

Brendan, tell your brother at least 10 people in Oregon hate him. I hope there are more people that wanted to see Lawrence Arms, but there were like 10 people at the Red Scare tour - so I assume at least they hate your brother now.

Manny Los Gatos said...

I'm bummed that I missed the show, but I was handling it. Then I read about Dan doing First Eviction Notice and I'm a mess.

Kyle Krische said...

Highlights of the weekend:
-Only being pulled over at the boarder for a record half hour
-Gas being so cheap
-Millennium park
-Deep dish pizza. Holy fuck, my mind is blown everytime
-WIld Cherry Pepsi
-a 30 pack of Pabst for 12 bucks (would cost about $35 in Canada) only to realize it's not nearly as strong
-Rambling Boys of Pleasure
-The encore being all songs from my top 10
-Neil Hennesey

Shitty shit:
-Having 3 friends (including the driver) bail on the show on friday leaving 4 of us to scramble to get there from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
-Driving 9 hours straight there, show then 9 hours straight back with 2 drivers.
-Getting our side mirror broken and half the car gouged by a truck
-Our other friends who drove from Canada owning a deer on the highway totaling their car and hospital visits for all

100% totally worth it, best weekend tied with last years FEST

Drew said...

Wait... so Chris only has one song on the ep? I thought he sounded weird on it. I am seriously depressed one because I missed this and two because I have two midterms due tomorrow.

....BUT (and it's a big but)

... The thought of me seeing D-4/Gunmoll/Small Brown Bike at fest this week literally has me shitting myself! Beex, i'm pretty sure Patty is the only being on this planet that rivals your banter... if there was a battle I could not lay down money on a sure victory.

Maximilian said...

i'm with jerky. come to europe. in the best case munich, but that's too much of a dream. but..... i mean come on, the first and only time i saw you guys i didn't actually know about you and didn't care, i was only there for millencolin.... and now i think that really sucks, and i have to see you again.

but at least you had a great time. sounds awesome, and i can't wait to see a little bit of that on the dvd.

myassisapipebomb said...

saturday was the 7th time i've seen you guys play, and it was by FAR the tightest you guys have ever sounded. chris didn't even seem like he needed midol, which is strange to see.

Scott said...

best show i have seen you guys play. Total blast despite feeling like shit and the metro being exceptionally hot inside and the pizza running out. Missed out on being first 150, but just about crapped my pants when amazon let it loose for purchase a day early. Love you guys. Great band, amazing show and the menzingers and la plebe totally blew me away.

Danny Boy video:

Moxie. said...

AGREED with the person who lost it when they read about Dan covering First Eviction Notice. Let's just combine my two favorite bands on a weekend I'm broke as hell in a city hundreds of miles from my house. BAWWWWW. This sounds awesome. I hope it happens again soon (or something similar to it) and I will actually stop being responsible and be there.

Mikey said...

I saw the video with Dan a couple nights ago. I was searching for videos of the Lawrence Arms show and found that instead. Needless to say, I jizzed.

That being said, I'm still waiting to see some video of the Lawrence Arms. Anyone have any they wanna share?

Bridgett said...

I just thought it was awesome that I got to meet some cool motherfuckers from all over the place. Like the Canadians, and the dude from Turkey (kinda- he said it was a long story), and I heard a chick tell her friend that it couldn't hurt to eat from the hot dog place across from the Metro because "once you've had a dick in your mouth, who cares, right?" Brilliant. And Mr. Kelly, I feel the same way. I mean, you had more shit going on, but I was waiting for this show for so long and then it's done and I don't have anything to wait for anymore. It's kinda lame, but so, so worth it.

Keri said...

my favorite part of the weekend was seeing la plebe twice. they really are the sweetest, humblest dudes in the whole world. they seemed so grateful that i came out, when in reality i was glad that they had come all the way to chicago finally. i used to see them all the time in san francisco, at bars and such. seeing them on stage at the metro just evoked and incredible sense of pride in me. i love those dudes so much.

Moxie. said...

oh man... well at least i know what I'm doing when I get home from work (minus the jizzing part :P)

T.NERB said...

Please have close to as good of a time playing the southern california shows as it sounds like you did in chicago! can't wait!

Owner Operator said...

hey hey.
can we see the artwork for the psoter etc?

word veri: peninal

Anonymous said...

Yes, i expect a 35 song setlist at the Troub show or ill be forced to go home sad. you wouldn't want to do that would you Beeks?

Naw but if you play the fuck out of Greatest story like you did at your little anniversary gig I would be insanely pleased.

Candice said...

i don't think i've ever had as much fun or have ever been as happy as i was this past weekend.

thank you for being so fucking cool and so down to earth.

no amount of vodkas and sodas i can buy you, illegal prescriptions i can write you when i graduate med school, or blow jobs i can offer you when i don't know your wife is right behind me, can ever make up for how happy you/your band/your blog make me.

i love you. for real.

i also love stizzy/jay/jake/andy/amanda/allison/gabby/mike

and toby. can't forget about toby.

kylewagoner said...

West Virginia loves you, too! At least my friends and I do. I tell them about you all the time. Now do us all a favor and come play out here. My band, the only pop punk band in the state, will open for you. We aren't even TBR pop punk...it's just all of the other punk bands in the state have no elements of pop at all and we have slight Green Day influence or something.


FranklinStein said...

My Dawg,
I miss your warm embrace. Let's bang again. Like, hard. Oh, and soon.

--Franklin Stein

Jake Regier said...

I went to the record store at eight in the morning, assuming they wouldn't have it, and they didn't. I guess I'll go back soon. That new Tim McGraw album's really the focal point right now, I suppose.

Mikey said...

Yeah, man. This weekend was a blast, and was something I've been looking forward to for a while. It's been the only show in a while where I've paid to get in. I almost forgot what going to a show for the show was like.

It was one of those weekends that really just hit you with, 'whoa, I didn't really do much, but that was a fuckin' experience.' Ha, I dunno, man. I was trying to meet up with a bud and the transfer from the red line to blue line was blocked for the weekend. This was news to me, and I got off in hopes to find a shuttle bus that never came. I went into Walgreens to buy a toothbrush (mine was at my buddies) and then hopped back on the red line and went up to the metro. Waste of time and money, but it was some fun shit.

Ohh yeah, and the best part about this whole thing was reading and seeing how much it meant to you guys. I mean, you really took in the whole, "we've been doing this for ten years and this is our 'job' and it's still fun" thing. It was great. I love it.

Take care,
mikey g.

Robin Yourgrave said...

This was hands down the best show that I've been to all year, and that's saying a fucking lot. Highlights? Many.

Although the wait was long, drinks were in plenty and good spirits maintained until about three or four, when one of my friends got too plastered... wandered off to a bar down the street about 20 minutes before doors were supposed to open.. we drug her out, then metro staff told her she had to sober up before they'd let her in the show.. she proceeds to argue with metro staff.. gets kicked out permanently. Ended up offing my extra ticket to a kid that drove nine hours KNOWING that show show was sold out. Good deed of the year.

And, being in the front row right in front of you, BK, was an experience to remember.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for opening with Cut It Up. Holy shit.

Great show, glad good times (for the most part) were had by all.

Anthony said...

I was at the gaslight anthem show tonight, and they dedicated their encore to the lawrence arms, and advertised buttsweat and tears. It was beautiful

J said...

Just iTuned the new EP, and am in the process of poppin' a huge fuckin' rager. Pumped for the show in San Francisco, man. You should have charged 50 bucks, I'd have paid it in a second. Happy 10th!

LaurenSmash said...

You are awesome. Now. What is up with the Stockton show!?!?!?!?!

sheila said...

i really want to kick your brother in the nuts!!!

you should still consider a little show in the northwest...olympia, WA would be PERFECT!!!

Nate B. said...

La Plebe played? Those guys are awesome live and rad dudes to boot. I was hanging around outside the venue after one of their shows with Cobra Skulls and out of nowhere there trombone player Antonio invited me to a random after party. He kept telling people I was part of their band to get me free beer. Love those dudes!

Jeff Sorley said...

Can't wait to pick up the album, but some music is hard to find here in France, you know?

Glad the show went well and bummed I couldn't be there.

greg said...

It's not impossible to believe that is you singing on the last song, it's just that you sound JUST like Chris when you sing that way... so yea, it's kind of confusing.

"Drink Slow" and "Redness" are probably two of my favorite Arms songs now. Good job suckers.

Richard Loser said...

i've had the new record for acouple days, but thats cause i bought it off amazon mp3..idk why they had it earlier than the actual release, but they do. amazing record by the way, i love it

P.S Don't Write said...

I love you. By "you", I mean your band. Kisses n shit. xo

ak said...

i'm glad it went off well....wish I could have been there. I'm so happy such a good band can get the recognition they deserve.

Banana@1000MPH said...

Fat just called you "Brandan" on their MySpace. When your record label doesn't know your name, you can't expect people who previously asked you for favors on your blog to know your name.

A. Wickstrom said...

Thanks for mentioning michigan!!! me and my lady were there, i think you saw us... we got some great pics of you since we were on your side of the stage! i couldn't see neil though, that is until he played guitar, sang and dropped his pick haha.

Great show, i'm glad i got to see you guys play again!

You're welcome to come back to Marquette anytime! I'd also like to thank you, chris, and neil for the passed 10 years!!! you've done an amazing job and gave me much inspiration, I love you guys.

kathy said...
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sunrisehomeland said...

I saw that jack o lantern being carried into the show it was awesome.
I was inspired by it (oh, and you guys) and carved a pumpkin the next night

the show was really amazing, it was special to be a part of all of that.

can't wait for the dvd!